Do You Need Digestive Enzymes?

Research has shown that most women are not digesting their food properly by the time they are forty years old. This is secondary to the poor American diet. The hard-to-digest diet that most women have been on for years by this time in their lives has depleted their digestive enzymes that should be supplied by the pancreas.

Secondary to this shortage of digestive enzymes, the body then must rob from its metabolic enzymes (needed for other chemical reactions in the body) just to help digest some of the food so the body can get some nutrition.

Further, once you stop digesting your food properly, all of this undigested crud can get stuck in the intestinal system and cause an array of health problems. As a holistic health-care provider, I have always believed that many disease processes begin in the intestines.

Taking good care of the intestines will pay health dividends for years to come. How do you do this? Of course, first and foremost, eating a healthier diet is always recommended which would include organic wholefood fruits and vegetables.

However, taking digestive enzymes at mealtimes or before bedtime is a beneficial way to make sure that you are digesting your food properly and absorption of nutrients is at its best. For specific diseases, higher levels of enzymes may be necessary for treatment. However, taking a full-spectrum enzyme with meals or before bedtime is safe for most.

Find out where your digestion is lacking in my book, You, GOD, Hormones, and Health. An enzyme deficiency test is located in the Appendix II that is beneficial for discovering your specific enzyme needs. Don’t wait! Order today and get started on the road to improved digestive health.