Bioidentical Hormones

Many women are confused about whether they should take hormones during peri and postmenopause. Of course, that is a personal decision, but research is showing that bioidentical hormones are safe. I believe that the confusion comes from the many studies conducted by pharmaceutical companies that produce synthetic hormones. Research on long-term treatment with these synthetic hormones have been reported to cause health problems such as blood clots, stroke, development of heart disease, and cancer.

If you do decide to take hormones, my highest recommendation goes to bioidenticals. You cannot compare the two as some pharmaceuticals would like for you to believe. Saying that synthetic and bioidentical hormones are equal or interchangeable is just not possible. It is like saying apples are oranges and you cannot do that.

Synthetic hormones (just like any synthetic chemical substance) taken day-in and day-out are toxic to the system and can create disease. Bioidentical hormones are hormones that have been chemically compounded to molecularly look exactly like the hormones that your body would normal produce, so your body does not know if it is receiving these hormones from an outside or inside source. Because of this, the bioidentical hormones do not cause harmful effects like the synthetics.

Keeping your hormones balanced during peri and postmenopause with bioidentical hormones is an excellent way to support the adrenal and overall immune systems and help prevent disease. Find out all the ways keeping your hormones balanced is beneficial and anti-aging to your body in the chapter on hormones in my book, You, GOD, Hormones, and Health.