Did you know that your antioxidant level is directly related to your overall general health and how fast you will age? Science has proven time and time again that the higher your antioxidant level, the healthier you are, the stronger your immune system, and the better you will be able to fight infections and prevent disease, as well as slow the aging process.

Over all that you do, this is the most important health challenge and it is imperative that you strive to keep your antioxidant level as high as is possible. In short, here is how antioxidants work in the body. All the negative things that we are exposed to in our environment including over-the-counter and prescribed toxic medications, wireless technology (computers/cell phones/radiation), poor diet (especially sugar and simple carbs), smog, stress, and on and on we could go, create trillions of free radicals in the body which break down and destroy our DNA and weakens our immune system.

Free radicals are responsible for all illnesses, including cancers. The only way to reverse the effects of these free radicals is to take in enough antioxidants daily. High antioxidant levels keep our blood alkaline and oxygenated and disease or cancers cannot grow or thrive in that sort of environment. So keeping your antioxidant level at optimum is absolutely necessary for a strong immune system, overall good health, slowing the aging process, and preventing disease!

The best way to do this is by taking in as many organic, wholefood fruits and vegetables as possible. These days it is impossible to get as much as we need, so supplementing is necessary. Secondly, the nutrient quality is lacking in all foods, even so-called organic. I highly recommend Juice Plus+ which is proven to increase antioxidant levels and supplement the body with extra needed nutrients and antioxidants.

Consider bridging the gap between what you do eat and what you should eat.

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